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Big Data


Big Data

SRIT specialises in providing end to end Data Analytical solutions to the clients across the globe. Our approach is highly customizable with the right approach of context and data scalability. We scrutinize the customer’s requirement and suggest the best technology tools which helps the organizations achieve the desired goals in terms of operational efficiency and business objectives. Our rich heritage in experience helps us understand the data from the raw state in sync with the business goals and turning them to meaningful insights.

Our Approach towards a solution is strategically pipelined through the following stages:

  •    Data ingestion
  •    Data processing
  •    Data warehouse
  •    Data Analysis

We at SRIT, understand the business need of every organisation and apply advanced analytical tools for accelerated business growth. We empower organizations with deeper data insights with data driven decisions. Our approach is highly proactive with low cost solutions resulting in higher return on investment. Our team leverage on the best in market statistical approach that helps organizations tackle complex business challenges

We have rich expertise in working with various segments across various business verticals. Some of our Analytical segments are as follows:

  •    Big Data Analytics
  •    Sales Analytics
  •    HR Analytics
  •    Operational Analytics
  •    Consumer Analytics
  •    Financial data Analytics
  •    Health care Analytics
  •    Supply chain Analytics
  •    Web and social media Analytics
  •    Oil and Gas production
  •    Risk and compliance Analyticsli

Based on the strategical approach of the solution, we work with various Data tools. The recommendations align with our solution-oriented approach. We expertise in:

  •    Big Data
  •    Hadoop
  •    Apache Spark
  •    MongoDB
  •    Apache Cassandra